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Select provides members-only access to insider savings at the best restaurants in your city. Members receive a black Select Card, which they slide into the check at the end of a meal and the waiter discreetly removes 15-30% off the full bill. The program works at any of our restaurants, anytime a member dines there. There are no blackout days or times, and no reservations or prior notice is required to receive the discount.

Select Members typically save at least $20-30 per check and if they dine out more frequently it is easy to save hundreds of dollars per month. Select is just $8.99/month which is conventiently billed to your cc through our payment processor. an amount that can be easily recouped in a single meal.

Restaurants are added often, so check back frequently to see what's new on Select. If you have suggestions for additional restaurants feel free to email us at members@foodfanselect.com


Also we are HIRING, if you’re interested in a dev position, sales position, or operations or social media internship, write us at careers@foodfan.com

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