Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is FoodFan Select?
A: FoodFan Select is how diners receive 15-30% off the full bill at the best restaurants in their city – whenever they go.
Q: Is alcohol included?
A: Yes, you save off the full bill – but occasionally restaurants will exclude discounted items (such as happy hours) so be sure to check the details on the restaurant page.
Q: Can I save anytime I go to any of the restaurants?
A: Yes, you save 15-30% anytime you go to any of our member restaurants, every time.
Q: When will you be in cities outside of New York City?
A: Soon, keep an eye out for our expansion to other cities. San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami and Chicago will be live before the end of 2013.
Q: Do you have other businesses like spas, gyms or tanning?
A: Not yet but new opportunities are constantly becoming available for Select Members.
Q: Can I go to a restaurant more than once in a month?
A: Yes, savings are consistent so go back and enjoy as much as you like.
Q: Are corporate memberships available?
A: Yes, we work with a number of corporations that use Select to save on T&E expenses at business lunches, dinners. Others use it as a creative way to increase benefits for employees. To sign up your company contact us directly at
Q: Will I be billed automatically every month?
A: Yes, your subscription is automatically renewed with our membership billing services to ensure your use of Select will not be interrupted. If you want to cancel you can do so anytime in your account profile.
Q: How much do people typically save?
A: It depends on a lot of factors but typically diners save $20-30 per check, so if you dine out at least once a month you’ll likely save twice or more of the cost of subscription. If you dine out more frequently you’ll easily save hundreds of dollars each month.
Q: What kind of restaurants are involved in the program?
A: We strive to have all of our restaurants rated 20+ on Zagat and/or 3.5+ stars on Yelp. Price range varies by restaurant but we’ll indicate it on the site. Our goal is to ensure you have a number of options at which to dine and save.
Q: Is the discount limited to specific items?
A: No the discount typically applies to the full menu. Occasionally restaurants will exclude in-house specials but this will be indicated in the details section for the restaurant – be sure to check before dining to avoid any confusion.

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